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“They call you back, show up on time, and finish the job.  I like all things about them. They are very reputable.  The fact that a contractor call you back, for me, is huge. He is a very good one.”

Paul D., Los Gatos, CA

“He was very thorough, and the people he subcontracts with are equally thorough. He gave me a fair quote, he did what he said he was going to do, and the work was completed in an expedient manner.”

Marleen D., Sunnyvale, CA

“He doesn't tell me stories, just the facts. He uses very good subcontractors.  They come when they say they will, and they do great work.  This was the third time I've used RG Builders.”

Frank B., Los Gatos, CA

“I highly recommend them.  They did a great job.  They were dependable and did what I expected.  Even though my job was a small one, they gave it the attention and priority it warranted.”

Earl E., Campbell, CA

“Quality work, professional craftsmanship, and dedication to doing what he says.  I appreciated their attention to detail, the professional look of his crew and their willingness to answer questions.”

M. H. C., Saratoga, CA

“Rich and his crew do a very thorough job and are so easy to work with.  We have used him twice and are very satisfied. They do great work and there have never been any problems.”

Ruth G., San Jose, CA

“Rich was very reliable.  At the time of the remodeling, I was working, so I gave him a key to my home.  I was never worried. I totally trusted Rich.  He remodeled our bathroom and did a beautiful job.”

Marilyn C., San Jose, CA

“Rich is meticulous, clean, professional and knowledgeable.  I liked that he went above and beyond to coordinate work with other contractors to make sure things were done right.”

Paul H., Willow Glen, CA

“I wouldn't hesitate to hire Rich again. Anyone else should hire Rich as well.  Rich was punctual and finished on time and on budget.  I've used him a couple of time.  I wouldn't call anybody else.”

Mark Z., Los Gatos, CA

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